Class action filed against Woolworths by 7,000 employees for $620m in unpaid wages

Adero Law has filed a class action in the Federal Court against Woolworths alleging “underpayment and systemic wage theft”, to the tune of more than half a billion dollars, on behalf of over 7,000 current and former salaried employees

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Woolworths class action estimates underpayment bill as high as $620m

A class action lawsuit against Woolworths over the $300 million underpayment of workers has begun in the Federal Court with claims the case will expose “industry-wide” problems.

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Woolworths to defend wage theft class action

Woolworths has been slapped with an employee class action that alleges its underpayment scandal is far worse than the current $300 million estimate.

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Justin Hemmes hit with $129m class action over underpayments

Justin Hemmes’ billion dollar hospitality empire has been hit with a class action alleging it underpaid thousands of staff as much as $129 million over several years.

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Merivale facing class action threat over ‘underpayments’

Merivale is facing a potential class action over claims its billion-dollar hospitality empire was underpaying workers in breach of workplace laws for years.

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Wage scandals becoming the dark underbelly of the labour market

Earlier this week petrol station and convenience store chain, On the Run (OTR), which is headed by former 7-Eleven chief executive Warren Wilmot, found itself embroiled in allegations of underpayment of wages and sham traineeships when a class action law firm flagged it was investigating the company.

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One The Run faces potential wage underpayments class action

Petrol station convenience store is facing a possible class action after allegations of staff underpayment.

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The law firm who hit Woolworths with a $620 million class action is considering suing Coles

Class actions worth up to $50 million have hit top labour hire companies Hays and Stellar Recruitment over their allegedly unlawful use of casuals in the mining industry.

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Hays, Stellar Recruitment hit with $50 million class actions over casuals

Class actions worth up to $50 million have hit top labour hire companies Hays and Stellar Recruitment over their allegedly unlawful use of casuals in the mining industry.

Miners to launch new class actions against labour hire firms WorkPac, Programmed, HAYS and One Key

The mining industry is facing four new class actions alleging that more than 25,000 workers were not paid their proper entitlement, worth up to $325 million.

Hays, WorkPac, Programmed face Adero Law class action over casuals

A class action law firm is targeting the biggest labour hire firms in the mining industry for allegedly failing to pay $325 million in entitlements to “regular” casuals after being emboldened by a precedent-setting court decision.

Class action firm to intervene in casual worker test case

A class action law firm representing thousands of workers allegedly owed more than $320 million in entitlements will apply to intervene in a casual worker test case.

‘Ground-breaking’ class action launched over casuals in mining

Mining giant BHP is facing a class action from up to 400 workers who allege they were left $40 million worse off because they were hired as “casual” workers by labour hire firms and not as permanent staff, despite their rosters being published months in advance.

‘Charity muggers’ win first round in Appco class action over alleged exploitation

A class action against leading fundraising company Appco Group Australia, over the alleged exploitation of so-called “charity muggers”, will proceed, a court has ruled.

Multimillion-dollar wage theft group actions to be filed in Federal Court

Two multimillion-dollar wage theft group actions will be filed in the Federal Court on Monday on behalf of hundreds of Australian door-to-door and direct sales workers.

Appco: Workers launch $85m class action against marketing giant over alleged underpayment, bullying

Thousands of young Australian workers are expected to join an $85 million class action against the sales and marketing giant Appco Group Australia.

‘I was shocked and afraid’: Women say Greens botched their complaints

A number of women claim the Greens political party failed them when they complained about alleged sexual misconduct.

New class action for underpaid workers aims to recover more than $100 million

A national class action will be launched on behalf of thousands of Australians who have been allegedly paid well below the legal minimum wage for door-to-door sales and charity fundraising.

Law firm says Mount Arthur coal mine class action has strong legal backing

LAW firm Chamberlains says its proposed casual mineworker class action is a genuine attempt to right a wrong in the coal industry, and not an effort to pressure money out of mining companies.

Senior public servants begin Airservices class action bid

Senior public servants will take Airservices Australia to court in what is believed to be a first of its kind employment class action that could sting the federal government more than $30 million.

ACT Brumbies drama: Chief executive Michael Jones has injunction maintained by court

ACT Brumbies chief executive Michael Jones will keep his job for the time being, after the club’s board failed in its attempt to overturn his temporary whistleblower protection.