Reject Shop

The Reject Shop – Underpayment Investigation

Background to Investigations:

Adero Law is currently undertaking due diligence investigations into ‘The Reject Shop’ for purported underpayments to staff. The Reject Shop operates over 356 locations across Australia.

Employees of Reject Shop are covered in either a relevant enterprise agreement or General Retail Industry Award 2010.

Individuals have reported to Adero Law, the following practices that have occurred at certain Reject Shop stores:

  • paying a salary to Managers and Full-Time staff that does not account for additional hours and/or overtime hours that workers were directed to complete beyond 38 hours per week;
  • directing staff to complete pre-shift and post-shift work without compensation for such hours being provided;
  • directing staff to not take meal breaks or directing staff to complete work during their meal breaks without providing additional compensation for such work; and,
  • other purported breaches that Adero Law is currently investigating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adero Law is currently in the process of undertaking necessary due diligence investigations required to understand the viability of a potential class action.

At this stage, Adero Law asks you to register your interest should you be interested in participating in a potential class action.

Once a class action has commenced, Adero Law may send you a retainer for a no win no fee legal service. You are under no obligations until you agree to be bound by such a document.

Although circumstances may vary, the general structure of a class action proceeding run by Adero Law is as follows:

  1. A wrongdoing occurs that affects a group of people (claimants) in a similar way.
  2. Adero Law’s Claim Origination team investigate the wrongdoing by conducting due diligence investigations and liaising with a lead claimant.
  3. Pleadings and other Court documents are finalised and filed with the Court.
  4. Claimants have a chance to opt-out of the class action.
  5. Evidence is compiled and the claim is prepared for trial.
  6. If appropriate, mediation or settlement discussions take place between the parties.
  7. If a settlement agreement is not reached, the claim proceeds to trial.
  8. Once a settlement agreement has been reached, claimants are notified, and a is timetable put in place for any objections or submissions to be made ahead of a hearing.
  9. A settlement hearing occurs.
  10. If the settlement is approved, a distribution scheme will be implemented as approved by the Court.

Once a class action has commenced, Adero Law may send you a retainer for a no win no fee legal service that is relevant to your individual claim. This document will contain any terms relevant to the payment of legal fees under a no win no fee contract, and in respect to the ongoing management of the class action.

Adero is accepting registrations of interest from individuals that have worked in a The Reject Shop operated store at any time since 2016. You can join if you are currently employed or not currently employed by The Reject Shop as long as you worked in such a The Reject Shop store post September 2016.

No. The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) s 340 prevents employers from treating you differently for exercising your workplace rights. It is unlawful to punish an employee in any way for joining a class action. If you believe this has happened to you, contact us at Adero Law and we will promptly investigate such a complaint.

Adero will not provide your details to The Reject Shop Limited or any third party without your consent. Adero adheres to Australian privacy principles and will store its data in its systems and will not use that material for any unrelated purpose or disclose it to any third-party. That information we procure is also subject to legal professional rules that Adero Law adheres to, under the relevant ACT rules.