Smokemart Class Action

Class Action Coverage

Smokemart & GiftBox (SMGB), a company specializing in tobacco products and gifting with 475 stores nationwide, may have engaged in practices affecting employee rights. Adero Law has become aware that certain practices may have occurred at some SMGB stores, including:

  • Directing staff not to take meal breaks and/or toilet breaks during periods of extended shifts
  • Directing staff to work pre-shift and post-shift hours without compensation

If these practices have occurred across SMGB stores, Adero Law may pursue a class action against SMGB and seek compensation for any employee whose entitlements were not paid in full.

Investigation Details

We are investigating potential underpayments on behalf of casual, part-time, and full-time employees of SMGB. This includes:

  • Team members
  • Assistant store managers
  • Store managers
  • Inventory managers
  • Any other in-store employees

We aim to recover underpayments for entitlements owed to current and former employees from 2018 to the present date.

How to Participate

Adero Law is seeking registrations from affected employees to complete the necessary investigations before commencing the claim.

If you have any questions, please contact us at enquiries@aderolaw.com.au.

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