What is an unfair dismissal?


An unfair dismissal is when “an employee is dismissed from their job in a harsh, unjust or unreasonable manner.” – Fair Work Commission website

If you think you have been unfairly dismissed, please book an appointment to discuss your situation within 21 days of the date of your dismissal.



How is Adero Law different from other unfair dismissal representatives?


The Fair Work Commission is commonly called a “no costs” jurisdiction. This means that usually any compensation won by an applicant is offset by the fees incurred in bringing their claim. Unlike other law firms, the team here at Adero Law are acutely aware of the costs limitations of the Fair Work Commission and we have structured our unfair dismissal business to keep your legal fees low without compromising the quality of the service you receive.

All work in any Adero Law unfair dismissal matter is supervised by highly experienced employment lawyers. Our experienced team of lawyers are also available to answer difficult or novel legal questions that might arise out of the unique facts of your case and we can identify other claims you might have in addition to your unfair dismissal matter. If your former employer was engaging in dodgy employment practices we might even identify a multi-million dollar class-action! And if we do, we have the business links and the expertise to make it happen.

But the Adero Law unfair dismissal team have also implemented structures to run your claim as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We won’t charge you lawyers’ fees when a paralegal or law graduate could do the same work.

Our paralegals are diligent and passionate professionals who love having the opportunity to work in a job where they can help every day people.

Our graduates are passionate soon-to-be-admitted lawyers who have chosen to work at Adero Law because they are passionate about employment law and standing-up for workplace rights.

Our lawyers are experts in the field of employment law. This is the team that will go the extra mile to get a just outcome for your case. This is the team that you can trust with your unfair dismissal matter.

If you shop around for unfair dismissal service-providers you will find that your options are mostly limited to:

  1. non-lawyer industrial relations “experts” who can promise free initial consultations and no-win no-fee rates, but who are not lawyers and will not be able to assist you if your case is more complicated than the average unfair dismissal, nor will they be qualified to advise you on other claims you might have; or
  2. generalist law firms who have some experience in employment law, these law firms often charge you up to $600 just for an initial consultation and because their fees are so high they do not act in many unfair dismissal applications in the Fair Work Commission, or if they do, most of their experience is from running the employer side of the argument.

The Adero Law unfair dismissal team are different. Our employment lawyers have significant experience representing ordinary every‑day clients in the Fair Work Commission. We also offer a free telephone consultation and work hard to run your case as efficiently as possible.

But unlike non-lawyer industrial relations “experts”, who might offer also very competitive rates. Adero Law is the employment‑law firm that pioneered employment-law class actions, bringing the first commercially-funded class actions ever to be run for breaches of the Fair Work Act.

The Adero Law unfair dismissal team provide the best of both worlds — cost effective without compromising quality.