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Modern awards and the NES

Modern awards and National Employment Standards (NES) protect the employment entitlements and rights of all working Australians. They are the basis for all Australian employment conditions. Most employees are covered threefold, by the Fair Work Act 2009, the NES and by the Modern Award that covers their relevant industry (if any). Employees may also be covered by multiple modern awards depending on industry and classification of their work, as there are separate awards for each industry.

A Modern Award will outline the minimum wage, pay rates, penalty rates and all other relevant remuneration conventions and standards. No matter your agreement or industry, your pay should reflect the standard of the modern award. It is an employer’s responsibility to keep up to date with annual minimum wage pay reviews.

From 1 July 2019, the National Minimum Wage (including the National Training wage and the National Minimum wage for those who are differently able) increased by 3%. Penalties will apply to those employers who fail to meet these obligations. Continue reading Modern awards and the NES