Whether you are an employee or an employer, our advisory service can assist you.

For employers

We can assist you in structuring your business to protect your interests.

We can ensure that your practices are compliant with the latest industrial relations laws.

As a leading employment law litigation firm in large scale actions, we understand where employers are most vulnerable. We know the cost consequences of employers ‘getting it wrong’.

We can advise you on the legal and commercial risks associated with your current systems and advise on strategies that best protect your interests.

We can assist you with drafting collective agreements as well as individual contracts of employment.

For employees

We represent employees from all walks of life from coal miners to senior executives.

Our team is experienced in advising employees about their rights under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), enterprise agreements and various individual contracts.

Our advisory service can assist you to understand your rights, negotiate better outcomes and enter into employment arrangements that are in accordance with your employment rights.