Employment Law Experts


Adero Law’s employment lawyers are your experts for employers and employees in Australia. For advice on matters, workplace investigations and negotiations, our team bring a passion, with a proven track record, that inspires confidence. It’s no secret employment law can be a complex issue so let our experts help you navigate, negotiate and help form a strategy that best fits your needs. Adero Law approaches your case based on your individual requirement and offers formidable representation with a focus on achieving the best outcome.

For Employees

Unfair Dismissal

If you have been dismissed from your job in unjust, harsh or unreasonable cicrumstances.


If you have been, or are going to be made redundant and you want to know your enitlements.

Bullying & Harassment

If you have been subjected to ongoing unreasonable behaviour including cyberbullying.

Employment Contracts

If you require advice about your employment contract between you and your employer.


If you have been treated less favourably as a result of a protected attribute such as your race, sex, age, sexual orientation, or a disability.

Wage Theft & Underpayment

If you have been paid less than you are entitled to.

Position Misclassification

If you have been misclassified as the wrong employment category or as an independent contractor instead of employee.

High Income Employees

If you earn above the high income thresholdyou may be prevented from bringing an unfar dismissal claim.

Performance Management

If you have been performance managed in a way that is not reasonable it may amount to workplace bullying.

For Employers

Employment Contracts

Adero Law can advise you in relation to the legal requirements for an emplyment contract, as well as prepare and update emplyment contracts for your business.

Terminating an Employee

Adero Law can assist yor business in understanding the legal obligations relating to how and when employment may be terminated.

Workplace Policies

Adero law can draft, or provide advice on workplace policy documents tailored to the bespoke needs and nature of you business.

Risk Management & Compliance

Adero law can assist you in understanding any obligations that you may have in the workplace realting to health, safety or any other liability and can draft tailored guides that you can then implement.