Commencement of Romeo’s Class Action


Adero Law filed a Class Action against the Romeo’s Retail Group on 24 June 2020. This is the third Retail Award claim Adero Law has filed after commencing class actions against Coles in February 2020 and Woolworths in November 2019.

Adero Law has completed six months of due diligence and considers that the Romeo’s Retail Group has engaged in substantial underpayments under the Retail Award through failure to pay penalty rates, overtime and leave loading.

Adero Law believes there are potential underpayments owed to employees of Romeo’s Retail Group’s Foodland, IGA and Romeo’s branded stores.

Workers within the Romeo’s Retail Group have told Adero Law they worked hours beyond their rostered shifts and that it was common to work in excess of 45 hours per week, while only being paid for working 38 hours.

Adero Law believes there have been substantial wage underpayments under Australian law if these claims are proven.

Adero Law is proud to represent individuals in these claims and considers that this matter should be dealt with efficiently given the trend of underpayment under the Retail Award. Adero Law notes that all group members in the Class Action will have their details kept confidential unless they provide their express consent to Adero Law.

If you would like to find out more about the Romeo Group Class Action, please visit the following link: https://www.aderolaw.com.au/class-actions/romeos/