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Adero is launching a class action to recover unpaid wages on behalf of Junior Medical Officers employed by NSW Health at public hospitals throughout New South Wales. We are instructed that NSW Health has an entrenched practice of failing to pay Junior Medical Officers for unscheduled or non-rostered hours worked. Find out if you have also been underpaid now!

NSW Health

We have completed six months of due diligence and secured litigation funding in relation to up to 10,000 effected NSW Health employees, employed since 2013. As a result, this claim can be brought on a no win no fee basis to class members. We are also progressing due diligence on comparable claims in Queensland and Victoria. Employers in the public health sector have established an industry practice which normalises Junior Medical Officers forgoing payment of wages for unscheduled or non-rostered hours worked. Adero contends this practice is both unlawful and potentially hazardous to the health of health workers and their patients.

If you work or have worked as a Junior Medical Officer in the public health sector, tell us your story confidentially, now. Overtime is generally unpaid when a Junior Medical Officer provides care at the end of a rostered shift. In doing the best for your patients and assisting with a medical emergency, completing a procedure, or finalising processes such as transferring, admitting or discharging a patient, you may find yourself working additional hours that you are not being remunerated for. Working these additional hours may result in fatigue, in turn placing yourself and/or your patients at risk.

We want to hear your story!

What have you experienced as a Junior Medical Officer in working in the public health system? We welcome you to share your story with us. Upon submission, our team of lawyers will be in contact with you to discuss your claim.
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Adero Law is the only law firm in Australia with a dedicated focus on recovering wages and entitlements owed to employees who have been underpaid at work. To date we are leading eight class actions in the Federal Court of Australia that represent a total class of over 20,000 employees in the Black Coal Mining, Commercial Sales, and Commonwealth Government sectors.

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