Coles Class Action

Adero Law filed a class action against Coles in May 2020 on behalf of salaried Coles Supermarkets and Coles Services managers. The class action claims that compensation and penalties should be paid to group members who were not paid enough for the hours they worked under the General Retail Industry Award.

Class Action Coverage

You may be a group member in the Coles class action if you worked:

  • in a salaried manager position
  • at a supermarket operated by Coles Supermarkets 
  • between May 2014 and the date when the class action was filed

Most group members would have received a notice from the court by letter or email in February 2021. If you did not receive a notice from the court but believe you are a group member, please feel free to contact us.

About the Class Action

The class action was filed in May 2020 by Adero Law on behalf of Ms Pabalan, a Customer Service Manager who worked at Coles Roselands and other Coles stores in New South Wales.

Ms Pabalan alleges that the salary Coles paid to her was insufficient to satisfy her legal entitlements. Ms Pabalan claims she was working well beyond her rostered hours to keep her department running to the standard expected by Coles. Even when Kronos was introduced in late 2017, she wasn’t always able to record her hours of work accurately. Ms Pabalan started the class action to protect the interests of her former colleagues and ensure other salaried managers like her are fairly compensated for their work.

Case Materials

Statement of Claim (PDF)

Originating Application (PDF)

Defence (PDF)

Reply (PDF)

Class Action Status

Click here for the most recent Coles class action update

The court has directed the parties to prepare for a trial in June and July 2023. The trial will determine the legal issues first and the factual issues later. The court has split the trial into legal and factual issues because most legal issues will apply equally to every group member while some facts will be unique to each group member. This is not uncommon in class action proceedings.

Adero Law is taking steps to prepare for the trial. Those steps include gathering evidence from witnesses and experts, drafting a list of questions for the court to answer at the trial, and preparing our legal submissions.

Adero Law remains committed to obtaining fair compensation for all group members for all hours worked across the 6-year claim period.

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