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Adero Law is investigating reports of a practice by major property developers based in Canberra of rescinding and/or cancelling contracts on the basis that there has been a failure to obtain consent or finance. Those same parties have then been offering the same property for sale at a significantly higher value.

Adero considers that the reasons for these developers taking such steps may not be genuine and/or may have been achieved by acts or omissions wholly within the control of the developer.

If this practice is true, it is concerning because buyers of property are being disentitled to any capital growth that should rightfully be theirs and for those who are first home buyers being denied the prices that they chose to enter the market including missing out on Government grants which are no longer available.

These misleading and deceptive practices may give rise to unfair contracting terms and/or unconscionable conduct on behalf of the developer and their advisors.

We are presently investigating the following for our registered members:

  • A class or group action to obtain relief that may include specific performance of the contract or damages against the developer entity, its directors and related bodies corporate.

The opportunity to discuss your circumstances with Adero is at no obligation to you and there is no fee to be charged for having those discussions. If we think that you are eligible to retain our services, we will then invite you to formally retain us.

Presently, we are investigating the following companies:

3 Property Group 9 Pty Ltd – ACN 618 155 409

3 Property Group 10 Pty Ltd – ACN 618 426 190

3 Property Group 16 Pty Ltd – ACN 623 493 676

3 Property Group 19 Pty Ltd – ACN 627 854 817

Chajam Pty Ltd – ACN 635 117 109

Adero is a specialist law firm in civil litigation and class actions and is inviting you to register your details with us.

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